Timber windows are a popular product for both homeowners and builders. They have many benefits that make them an attractive option such as their beautiful traditional look, energy efficiency, low cost to install and maintain and natural insulation properties of wood. If you’re looking for a window that is not only stylish but also functional then timber might be the right choice! However, in order to preserve the beauty of this exceptional material, it’s important to treat it with care and maintain it regularly. Here are some tips on how to do that.

Gentle cleaning

The timber windows in your home are a beautiful feature, but they can get dirty over time. With a little patience, time, effort and gentle cleaning you can ensure that your timber window stays in great condition and is ready to serve as an integral part of your home or business. The best way to clean these windows is with a soft cloth soaked in water mixed with soap or washing-up liquid – it will leave no streaks on glass so you’ll be able to enjoy better visibility from inside the building too!

Regular re-coating

Timber windows require a lot of care and maintenance but are an excellent investment if you plan to keep them for the long-term. It is generally recommended that every few years or so, owners should inspect their window’s surface coating and apply new coatings as necessary. Re-coating is especially important in humid climates where water may seep into unprotected wood pores over time causing deterioration from within. For more information please contact our team today.

Inspect for cracks

It is crucial to inspect your window frames for cracks at least every six months, as this could be a sign of rot or other issues that may need professional attention and repair work before they become more difficult and expensive to fix later on down the line. 

If you’ve invested in timber windows, it is important to maintain them regularly in order to keep them looking beautiful for years. For your convenience, we have included some helpful tips above on how best to care for these types of window frames so that they can be enjoyed and admired by everyone who visits the home.